Digital Templating capability…The Stealth Mobile Templating has taken Krehling Industries, Inc. to the next level of technology. We are now able to template and go directly to introducing our digital templates into our CNC. What used take hours on the job, now takes minutes. Our satellite crews just e-mail templates back to the plant. Click here for a demonstration on how digital templating works.

Scribing (also called “Templating”) is the act of Krehling Industries service dept. taking precise measurements and actually constructing a model of your countertops from construction materials (particleboard, plywood) or by digital templating. Scribing ensures a precise fit for your counter tops even if the walls surrounding the countertops are not square and/or have irregularities. Scribing is almost always a requirement for older homes or where it is obvious that irregularities exist. Click here to see a description of the Scribing procedure or call us at (717) 232-7936 for further details.

Installation of our custom counter tops is available. You must first have the tops Scribed before we will install the counter tops.

Repairs/Service Department . . . Krehling Industries maintains its own service crews for repairs, scribe and installation of our products.

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