Bally Butcher Block

These Butcher Block tops are intended to be used as true cutting surfaces. They are coated with an acrylic finish, DURAKRYL 102, which does not require any maintenance. It is not necessary to sand off this finish prior to using the top, as it is approved for food service use. The finish is formulated to repel most household solvents. Stains can be cleaned off with finger nail polish remover or bleach, neither of these two substances can hurt the finish. Although the finish is durable, it will scratch.

Clean the top like you would any counter surface, not allowing water to remain on the block for any length of time. To help preserve your block if used as a cutting surface it would be advisable to periodically reseal ONLY the area on which you cut. Mineral oil can be used. If it becomes necessary to refinish your block due to usage, we suggest sanding off the finish and applying either an oil finish or resealing with “Good Stuff” Urethane Gel clear protective finish.

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